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We Supply Globally

We understand the challenges the Ship Masters face daily in ensuring the smooth operation of your vessel while managing costs and efficiency. is here to be your trusted partner in simplifying your journey and is committed to making your journey smoother, more efficient, and more cost-effective.


What is ShipFeeds?

A vision for simple, fast, better service & beyond is a cloud-based online service that enables ship owners/managers/masters and ports to easily acquire ship supply such as provision, bonded shops, any equipment, service products, and other items between ports.

Benefits Of Shipfeeds

Reputed & Verified Ship Chandler's

Serving 300+ Vessels Per Year

Flexiblity For Payment On Board



10% Discount / CashBack On Each Quote

ShipFeeds Cashback Policy On Every Ship Supply Purchase For Master, Management Companies

Flexibility To Use CashBack At Multiple Ports


Customised Requirements For Crews

Find The Right Ship Chandler At The Right Time

24X7 Extensive Support

Our Happy Clients


What Makes Shipfeeds Unique In Ship Supply Industry?

  • To avoid inflation, we validate ship supply quotes from ship chandlers/ship supplier
  • Our team will inspect the quantity and quality of ship supply before they are delivered onboard
  • One of the core values of shipfeeds is to protect the master/owner/vessel and avoid any disputes with ship chandlers during ship supply at ports
  • Cash back or a discount on every ship supply purchase that can be redeemed at the same port or used during the next purchase at any next port



Lets The Masters Speak For Us


Capt. Jomaah

“Thank you for introducing me to a reliable ship chandler. It was a good expereince overall.”


Capt. Zhou jianjun/周建军

“Thank you for your support & services. Will contact you at the next port.”



“In an emergency, ShipFeeds has been really helpful. Highly recommended!”


MANAGER. Mr.Qin Guomin

“Thanks for your quote validation services, its really appreciated!”



“Responded promptly to our enquiry & on time goods delivery!”



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