FAQ To Join Shipfeeds

  • Shipfeeds is registered with more than 500 vessels.
  • Our system receives the ships movement from port to port 24x7
  • We send offers of provision to the masters / managers those who are intended to call at ports to obtain the RFQ
  • Our system will forward the RFQ to the paid ship chandler serving the destination port.

The business deal is based upon the following factors:

  • Shipfeeds is your trusted partner at ports.
  • Provide competitive price list / quotes.
  • Need active coordination with Shipfeeds team to finalize the order as required by the ship masters / managers
  • Provide attractive offers to retain the ship master / mangers for future supply requirements.
  • Free membership extension in case of no business in the initial year of payment.

Join Shipfeeds to have a long term business relationship and exposure of your company to vessels calling your ports. We present our paid members to the vessels as our partners. Shipfeeds is an emerging strong player in the market which target Ship masters and managers both online and offline. One stop solution to get online and offline supply enquiries.

  • Paid members can directly secure payments from masters / managers.
  • Supply at multiple ports per country.
  • Get vessel arrival notifications directly from Shipfeeds system.
  • Get enquiries from both online and offline.

Yes, we have direct contacts with more than 500 vessels.

Package is per country per year and supply allowed at all ports in that country.

No, there is no trial period. Instead we have introduced the Basic package with limited benefits but high potential for returns on investment from the first business inquiry.

Yes, an invoice with bank details will be provided on request.

Unfortunately before you receive the ship supply enquiry, your company should be a premium member.

Due to the less expensive registration fee, we do not provide any refunds.

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